Fancy Yourself a Scottie?

The September issue of Dog Fancy Magazine features an article written about best dog breed in history, the Scottish Terrier. The story includes comments from some very honest and savvy breeders. I certainly agree with most of what the ladies had to say but none of the attributes matched Pippi. I hope if you are... Continue Reading →


I've been hinting about some special visits coming next week, well one came early. We decided to surprise the gag from Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures with a visit. I am going to see Lynn next week but would miss out on the pups. The farm happens to be about halfway between our location and where... Continue Reading →

Summer Fashion

With the change of season also comes a change of collar for Pippi. As you can image she has a nice little wardrobe of neck wear. She is sporting a custom made sailing themed collar by Scampering Scotties with a USMC emblem tag from BowWowzera Tags. I think it's a nice look.

Coming This Week: July 17 – 23

It's going to be a fun week our first show will be in Franklin, TN which is just outside Nashville then onto Wilmington, OH. Post of the Week:  I was so excited to read over on Scottish Terrier News an article about Beamer, a Scottie with a pacemaker.  Josh has actually met this little Diehard's... Continue Reading →

Sweet Cassie Bear

I received a phone call from my friend Robyn last week, one that did not take me by surprise but was still dreadful. Her dog Cassie had passed away. I met this dynamic little pooch six years ago, she was already a cranky old Yorkie then. At the time Cassie was still living with Robyn's... Continue Reading →

In Your Neck of the Woods

Like most other bloggers I cherish the rare opportunities to meet in person the people behind the pages. Even more amazing is when that person is the owner of a blog you have been reading long before you yourself were writing. I am now lucky enough to say that I have not only met Lallee... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: April 17-23

We are heading back to South Carolina this week, our event will be in Greenville. Both Josh and I are going back to Illinois for Easter. I'll be in Mt. Sterling and Josh is heading for East Dubuque. When we return our series of four North Carolina stops will begin. I do plan to release... Continue Reading →

Pippi Gets a Social Disease

I'm taking over the blog tonight to tell my version of the flee story. Yes this Pippi, the one the only call me Pippi, Mrs. P if you're nasty. I guess my friend Cubby better call me by my formal name! He is in the doghouse, that boy gave me flees. Now I'm not going... Continue Reading →

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