Wordless Wednesday



Pippi’s Sis-fur

We had a wonderful weekend visiting with our families in Dekalb. Pippi and I even had time to stop by and see the darling little Scottie named Jazzi. This is our second visit with her and she just gets more adorable. I’m convinced they are sisters, even though they are from different breeders and don’t have the same birthday.

We had a wonderful visit and I got to meet the newest addition to the family, Addy. Pippi was not the best house-guest, she snatched a bone right from Addy’s chompers!


Photo Courtesy of Jazzi's World

I think that Jazzi is just adorable and could kiss the fur right off her little head. While her mom, Diana, and I were chatting the two Scotties where switching places; figuring out who’s lap they liked better.

Special Guests

Earlier this week I hinted about having a Scottie meet-up and the awesome time we had.  Well not only did we get to finally meet the handsome Stuart and him mom but there was a very special guest all the way from Australia.  So Kendra, Bella and Daisy can be rest assured that their mom is doing good, Pippi kept her lap warm for a while.  Last year we missed meeting Tobi by less than an hour on the National Mall is Washington, DC.  Not taking a chance of that happening again, we planned an event with easier logistics.  Well I thought so until she got caught in traffic.  The rains did keep some people from coming out to meet us but all in all it was amazing.

What a looker!!! Hubba Hubba

Let me tell you what that little Stuart has the most luxurious coat, I just wanted to squeeze him to pieces.

Giving some Scottie Snuggles

We had a blast hanging out and chatting about what else but life with Scotties.  I can’t wait until we can make it happen again.

Scottie Sandwich, the best kind

New Cut and New Collar

While Summer is not officially over, I always think of September as the beginning of Fall. So it would be totally inappropriate for Pippi to still be sporting her Summer collar. Now she already has a Halloween collar and we usually start putting her Chicago Bears one on about now. However I just couldn’t resist picking up this gem, it’s a collar covered in the logo for Dogfish Head beer! Check out the tag “Call my mates and I’ll fetch you a beer”. This is the first time we are trying out the nameplate style tag, Josh was really keen on this. I figured, a collar about beer could be his project.

As you may also notice Pippi got a haircut, I’m not thrilled with it but this is usually the time we transition her from a shorter summer look to her fuller cut in winter. I don’t like what they did with her face, including the “flattop” brows. I think it looks too masculine, guess she’ll butch it up for a month. I went it with very detailed written instruction for the groomer but I didn’t think I would need to add girlie to the list. This is just one of the pitfalls of being away from Detroit for so long. Have no fear her groomer Stacie will make it all better.

Little Baby Beau

I’d like to introduce you all too Pippi’s newest buddy, little Beau.

He is a four-month old Westie and boy he is a cutie. You can tell he is already an amazing terrier. So full of energy and instinct; he already rules the pack keeping all the other cats and dogs in line. He and Pippi had a blast playing, more like “hunting”. They patrolled around the deck watching all of us and keeping what boogie men were in the woods behind the house away. Needless to say we had a great time laughing at the two of them.

Trying to take a shot of them together was much more difficult than I expect. Sort of forget how wiggly puppies are.

Giving me the terrier tude

Fancy Yourself a Scottie?

The September issue of Dog Fancy Magazine features an article written about best dog breed in history, the Scottish Terrier. The story includes comments from some very honest and savvy breeders. I certainly agree with most of what the ladies had to say but none of the attributes matched Pippi.


I hope if you are considering adding a Scottie to your family you would refer to articles like this. One comment that stuck with me was about never being able to let your Scottie off leash. It is true a standard bread Scottie will have a very curious mind and be incredibly stubborn. My sweet little princess is hardly ever on a leash, mostly just for show when she is. Pippi doesn’t like being very far from us. However like most Scottie she will do anything for a treat! You can’t train em but you can bribe em.