Coming This Week: April 17-23

We are heading back to South Carolina this week, our event will be in Greenville. Both Josh and I are going back to Illinois for Easter. I’ll be in Mt. Sterling and Josh is heading for East Dubuque. When we return our series of four North Carolina stops will begin. I do plan to release an updated calendar this week, I now know our schedule through next September.

A new page has been added to the site – Social Networking Web – for anyone who loves social networking as much as I do.

Posts of interest:

This week I wanted to share a little about come interesting and awesome products others are sharing.

To start I love the Martha Stewart Pets line at PetSmart, I would buy every piece if I could. The colors, patterns and style are just divine. The folks over at FIDO Friendly shared their review of the spring line. I have really considered the travel bowls but we are so size conscious with Pippi’s stuff.

I was very glad to find this review for a new version of the H2O4K9 water bottles. I love items like this, combing essentials for on the go dog owners. We have a water bottle for Pippi, it stays in her bag, which is always with her. Right now she has a Bobble, the one with a built in filter. After looking at this H2O4K9 site I will probably not pick this one up, just a too small.

3 thoughts on “Coming This Week: April 17-23

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  1. We checked out Martha Stewart’s stuff. Can’t imagine how you pick and choose for yourselves and Pippi for those long hauls on the road.

    Hope you get good weather in SC.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Oh I LOVE the Martha Stewart stuff too! Such “classy” dog stuff. : ) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Pippi is precious. What an adventurous life y’all lead!
    Miranda (and Darcy, too!)

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