Sweet Cassie Bear

I received a phone call from my friend Robyn last week, one that did not take me by surprise but was still dreadful. Her dog Cassie had passed away. I met this dynamic little pooch six years ago, she was already a cranky old Yorkie then. At the time Cassie was still living with Robyn’s mother Rusty near us in Minneapolis, we would spend summer holidays together and I fell head over heals for her. When Rusty needed to take a week long trip she asked if we wanted to care for Cassie. I call her my sweet little Cassie Bear but not everyone gets the same love. She was not a very social dog and hated men. Fine for me when she curled up on my lap, not fine for Josh when she would bark her tiny nub of a tail off at me. It was easy to forgive, she was just so sweet. Whenever She was near I would scoop her up and just give her a lifetime of kisses. In particular one 4th of July where I managed to hold her and a plate of food all night.

When my father was in the hospital last summer Robyn came to see me and brought Cassie. She raced across the parking lot to me, so much like a puppy. But I know she wasn’t, she was 12 at the time and her health was starting to fail. At New Years I held her knowing I would need to say goodby.

Last Sunday Robyn called to let me know that Cassie had been put down and was with Rusty when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss that little Yorkie, so full of life.


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