Kodachrome State Park

Kodachrome SP 2014 - ER (3 of 6)

Utah is a beautiful place; the amount of National Parks should speak to the diverse and captivating landscapes. There are also even more wonderful State Parks, like Antelope Island. When we were passing between Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP we spotted a sign for Kodachrome State Park. That name alone got me interested.

Kodachrome SP 2014 - ER (5 of 6)

The park does in fact draw its name from the revolutionary film. It is well deserved too, this place is fantastic. It is actually a bit unreal. Kodachrome feels more like a movie set, a bit of all the other parks but smaller. The “sets” are much closer and somehow more intimate than the big National Parks. The colors were brilliant and there was one heck of an interpretive trail.

Kodachrome SP 2014 - ER (2 of 6)

The best part was that this park is dog friendly, so Pippi got to stretch her legs. I would highly recommend visiting Kodachrome after you stop in Bryce Canyon, the two are close together.

Kodachrome SP 2014 - ER (6 of 6)


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  1. You have brought back some wonderful memories. my late husband and I traveled to Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon on a bus tour in the mid 1980’s. We also stopped in Las Vegas and had a fantastic time.

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