What a Place

After our harrowing arrival to Salt Lake City and completion of our first show out here a day off was in order. Josh and I thought a little outdoor adventure might be in order, since the weather has turned into spring here. Right now we have an extra traveler with us, Frank has stayed on the tour though the weekend. He also enjoys a little walk so it was voted that we head out to Antelope Island and see what there was.

Antelope Island is a State Park that boast one of the largest herds of Bison around. There is also a historic Ranch, there is where we spent most of our time. The island which originally housed herds of animals for the Church of Latter Day Saints is now a home for more species of birds then I could count. After traveling over a causeway we drove along 15 miles of road soaking up the sun and sites. Once we had driven around a bit it was time to find a trail. I don’t think you could really go wrong with any of the paths. A little exercise and wonderful sites, man I love my job.

Here are some of the shots we too, I could not upload them all but there are lots to share. So here are the rest.

The Great Salt Flats

There were tons of cool old tractors

I do believe these ladies have posted a time or two before

The ranch is a mixture of buildings from all the eras is operated

What a day!!!

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