Fresh Coat of Paint

It happens at some point in every boat’s life when the time comes for a fresh coat of hull paint. Well the old Rocky Comfort was definitely due for some sprucing up. However the thought of repainting a boat just seemed so overwhelming but Josh assured me (after some internet research) that it was actually quite manageable. It also helps that we had six people around to share in the task. Josh and I were the first to arrive and in about an hour had the hull sanded of remaining paint. When we took her out of the water last year, a power washer did most of the work for us.

Our reinforcements arrived just in time to get going with brushes. As it happens there were only four brushes so the lovely Traci and I sat back, chatting about her upcoming wedding. The entire process only took about four hours; to sand, paint and clean up. Hopefully we will be putting her in the water soon but it looks like we picked the only day over 65 degrees to paint. I know summer is coming but I’m also leaving soon to launch a new tour and would like to log some hours on little Rocky. It was so sad last year to have only been out twice. We do love sailing and truly enjoy sharing it our small but growing group of friends in Michigan.

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  1. SHE always wanted a boat until she realised that it had to be taken out and repainted every once in awhile.

    Happy sailing.

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