Arr! We took to the high seas last week and cast out for a day sail or two.

Yup, we went sailing! Ahhh! So relaxing and boy was the water nice. Actually got the Rocky Comfort out three times. I’m amazed at how easy it was to put up the sails. Last year it felt like I needed to think everything through much more. This year it was just second nature.


My new little friend even joined us, everyone this Travelocity Gnome. He was a gift from my mom and will be traveling with us for a while.


Isn’t he just the cutest!

Fresh Coat of Paint

It happens at some point in every boat’s life when the time comes for a fresh coat of hull paint. Well the old Rocky Comfort was definitely due for some sprucing up. However the thought of repainting a boat just seemed so overwhelming but Josh assured me (after some internet research) that it was actually quite manageable. It also helps that we had six people around to share in the task. Josh and I were the first to arrive and in about an hour had the hull sanded of remaining paint. When we took her out of the water last year, a power washer did most of the work for us.

Our reinforcements arrived just in time to get going with brushes. As it happens there were only four brushes so the lovely Traci and I sat back, chatting about her upcoming wedding. The entire process only took about four hours; to sand, paint and clean up. Hopefully we will be putting her in the water soon but it looks like we picked the only day over 65 degrees to paint. I know summer is coming but I’m also leaving soon to launch a new tour and would like to log some hours on little Rocky. It was so sad last year to have only been out twice. We do love sailing and truly enjoy sharing it our small but growing group of friends in Michigan.

All My Rowdy Friends


Josh posing in front of our Marina's booth

There are two other teams that we work with we consider to be family. The team that helped get us hired, Lynn and Lloyd, and the team with own our boat with, Nathan and Traci. It is rare that all six of us all together let alone with the amazing timing of an event life a Boat Show. Lynn and Lloyd are to blame for getting the rest us into sailing, our boat was owned by them first. They now live aboard a gorgeous vessel in Florida. After seeing each other at the office on Friday, plans were made too all meet up for the Detroit Boat Show on Saturday. Not that any of us really need a new boat but it is still fun to look and even more fun to do it together.

This was just too cute to not try out

Now I did mention that we are all sailing fans and unfortunately this time there was not a single sailboat at the show. Not even vendors that sold things for sailboats. It was just rows and rows of pontoon boats. Very disappointing, so after a couple of hours we all decided that lunch might be a better place to catch up. We really haven’t seen anyone for a year and so much has happened. Houses were bought and sold, relatives engaged and had babies. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend in Detroit then with these fine folks.


Enjoying a Delicious meal at Bistro 24


waterskiing Roo


There are actually kids inside those balls, this was about the only exciting thing going on

Out for Winter

It took almost four hours to get our sailboat out of the water yesterday. In the winters we dry-dock at the same marina we use in the summer. I had planned on being there an hour and a half. We arrived on time and took the sails off and packed up the other goodies that don’t stay on the boat. Then shoved off and headed for the lift. Boy was I surprised to find two other vessels waiting there to be taken out. So after sitting around for over an hour it was our turn to move in. I posted a time-lapse video of it coming out yesterday. That was one of the easier parts; we then had to load it onto our trailer. That is what really takes so long. Moving it a bit here and there to get it nestled in for a long winter’s nap. I’m not really complaining about the care they took just about how slow it all went. Oh well, the harbor guys are a hoot and put us into a great spot. We’ll easily be able to check on it over the winter.

For one last pic, we don’t actually heel over this hard all the time but it sure is more fun to take pictures this way.

Up the Crow’s Nest

Before leaving for home we had a little time set aside time to take out the sailboat; unfortunately we also had to make a little time to fix a snag in one of the lines. A few weeks back the line for the main sail got away from our partner Nathan and went straight to the top. There is only one way to get it down and I was not volunteering. It’s a good thing I’m married to such a brave man. He was willing to strap into a little harness and get hoisted by a crane to the top of the mast! I took these shots while safely seated on the deck.

Ready to go up

Steady as she goes

After wrapping up that little errand we took old Rocky out for a lovely little sail and made it back just before the rain came. Hopefully we will have a chance to go out a few more times before it is time to but her to bed for winter.

Doesn't he look happy