Out for Winter

It took almost four hours to get our sailboat out of the water yesterday. In the winters we dry-dock at the same marina we use in the summer. I had planned on being there an hour and a half. We arrived on time and took the sails off and packed up the other goodies that don’t stay on the boat. Then shoved off and headed for the lift. Boy was I surprised to find two other vessels waiting there to be taken out. So after sitting around for over an hour it was our turn to move in. I posted a time-lapse video of it coming out yesterday. That was one of the easier parts; we then had to load it onto our trailer. That is what really takes so long. Moving it a bit here and there to get it nestled in for a long winter’s nap. I’m not really complaining about the care they took just about how slow it all went. Oh well, the harbor guys are a hoot and put us into a great spot. We’ll easily be able to check on it over the winter.

For one last pic, we don’t actually heel over this hard all the time but it sure is more fun to take pictures this way.

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