Arr! We took to the high seas last week and cast out for a day sail or two. Yup, we went sailing! Ahhh! So relaxing and boy was the water nice. Actually got the Rocky Comfort out three times. I'm amazed at how easy it was to put up the sails. Last year it felt... Continue Reading →

Fresh Coat of Paint

It happens at some point in every boat's life when the time comes for a fresh coat of hull paint. Well the old Rocky Comfort was definitely due for some sprucing up. However the thought of repainting a boat just seemed so overwhelming but Josh assured me (after some internet research) that it was actually... Continue Reading →

Out for Winter

It took almost four hours to get our sailboat out of the water yesterday. In the winters we dry-dock at the same marina we use in the summer. I had planned on being there an hour and a half. We arrived on time and took the sails off and packed up the other goodies that... Continue Reading →

Up the Crow’s Nest

Before leaving for home we had a little time set aside time to take out the sailboat; unfortunately we also had to make a little time to fix a snag in one of the lines. A few weeks back the line for the main sail got away from our partner Nathan and went straight to... Continue Reading →

What Floats Your Boat

I'll tell you what floats ours, Lake St. Clair in Michigan.  That's our sailboat, we decided to buy into a partnership of this O'Day weekender.  The other owner, Nathan,  is someone we work with and truly enjoy spending time with.  I have no experience sailing, there aren't too many places in Central Illinois to sail,... Continue Reading →

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