A Little Off the Top

Pippi went to the groomer last week, to get a new look. We are changing her cut just a little, the little gal wants to keep with the times. Her ear tufts are much shorter now, her brows to short and chic points and her beard a bit more kept. Her furs are fairly easy to keep looking swell, just take a quick brush to put her beard into place. I’m not trilled with the cut, the took off way too much and she has “snail-skirt”. Her tufts are nearly gone, I will be much happier in a few weeks I’m sure.

10 thoughts on “A Little Off the Top

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  1. Is she frowning about her cut? Cute girl. She needs to come see Jake and Albert. They prefer the more unkempt look of true mountain men for themselves…heehee.

    I was just noticing how much her eyes are like Jake’s. Albert’s are more like round black marbles, but hers and Jake’s have that warmer, more soulful color.

  2. We get clipped but are left with longer hair. SHE can never get the ears right, ours are usually fuzzy….and sometimes wonky. Doesn’t take long for mistakes to grow out though.

    Pip, we thing you look beautiful.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

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