If I Had a Million Dollars

Let’s say you’re a country music singer, you make it big and have all the money you could want. Now let’s say that you grew up in a little farm town where you knew all your neighbors and all the businesses were locally owned. So now that you’ve traveled the world, seen a thing or two and want to settle down a bit, raise your family. Might I suggest putting down stakes in Franklin, TN? You would find the best of all you want and all you need there. Today Franklin seems like a Suburb of Nashville but that is only because of geography has nothing to do with the actually city itself. It is just another small town in the south but with a fabulous tax base! So the food and shopping are just amazing. Being located so close to Nashville many from the country music industry live there, just far enough away but only in mindset. Downtown Nashville is a quick 25 minutes away.

I’ve never really been to a place like Franklin before; it just feels like a small town. The streets are quiet and shady, little houses down winding lanes. But if you wanna live in one of those cute little houses be prepared to drop a mint. The food was amazing, creative and quality restaurants can survive when there is a population to support them. I’m not certain that I’ve ever seen so many home interior boutiques in one neighborhood. It reminded me a bit of 7th street in St. Paul but Franklin is much higher end.

During our two day event we saw almost only families with small children. I’m really just speaking about Downtown Franklin, once you go to the north end it’s more like a suburb with all the chains you find in similar areas. They have been able to maintain the unique and comfortable quality of the original and historic Franklin. It’s just unfortunate that we weren’t able to spend more time there.

While running an errand after work we did drive into part of Nashville, past all the mansions. It’s a crazy site and they look lonely; I think this is how Franklin became what it is. A place to be at home without having to create a village behind locked gates.

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  1. Abigail, thank for the glowing review of Franklin. You expressed my impression of Franklin to a T. I am an East Tennessee transplant, have lived here 21 years, and love it.

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