The Berkshires

I had a wonderful visit last week with a charming woman whom is about to start her first blog. Best of luck on this journey Sara. It warms my heart when I meet someone who sees blogging as an avenue for creating. I'd of lost my mind without having an outlet like this to talk... Continue Reading →

Artsy Fartsy

Some of the sleepiest little towns can be the most colorful. I took these shots of one of murals around downtown Wilmington, OH. The town didn't have much going on but it was a cute place to take a stroll I also just had to post up this bookstore. I know all the librarians out... Continue Reading →

If I Had a Million Dollars

Let's say you're a country music singer, you make it big and have all the money you could want. Now let's say that you grew up in a little farm town where you knew all your neighbors and all the businesses were locally owned. So now that you've traveled the world, seen a thing or... Continue Reading →

A Night with Tupelo

I'm not sure that I'll be able to focus this week while we're in Ashland, KY and Beckley, WV, because next week we have some very special plans. Oh yeah I'm keeping them a secret. Please take a peek at our travel calendar, I've updated all the stops from now until the end of September.... Continue Reading →

The Black Belt

One thing I usually try to find out from our event host is what locals call their area.  This is very useful in the South, it seems like there is a unique moniker for each new place.  This gives me some street cred when doing interviews for local TV stations.  We just left what was... Continue Reading →

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