Healthy Choice Meals – Travel Tuesday

While each little town we visit is unique they are not all equal. Take Franklin for example, we had no trouble finding savory and healthy places to eat. Unfortunately this is not the norm, more often than not our dinner choice is fried, fast or heavy. The major chain restaurants have calorie counts that would curl your toes. Yeah I know you can have a salad but I’d like to see you order a salad at a rib joint and enjoy it. Personally I think it is all demand, there are four places to eat in my hometown and all four are pretty gross. I don’t think anyone in Mt. Sterling demands better, most people don’t eat out often. Trying to stay healthy out here can be a tremendous effort. There are many nights our options are take-out pizza.

I can’t complain too much because I have had the opportunity to dine at some truly fine places. Experienced beautiful cuisine made with love. I recall a very small town in Florida where a yoga studio had a lunch cafe with delicious vegetarian food. Or the place in Kentucky were a bakery served the most amazing salad.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

2 thoughts on “Healthy Choice Meals – Travel Tuesday

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  1. It is very difficult to be healthy….and cheap….on the road. You’re right, the food is generally same-o same-o. So great food comes as a welcome surprise.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Boy, do I hear that! I’ve put on a few pounds since we took off in January and taking it back off is a bear! It seems like “but we might never be here to try (insert local specialty here)” is always coming out of my mouth, while the tasty – and usually high calorie – selections are going in. I’m in the battle of the bulge!

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