Out of Content

I honestly have nothing to write about tonight. All three of us (Josh, Pippi and I) are piled on the hotel bed watching TV after another long day. We travel around 330 days a year, crossing the country multiple times. We visit all types of cities but 90% of the time we are on-duty at a show. On this tour we move locations twice a week, in theory seeing a new area each time. While every little town is unique, they also all blur together. We get asked in each place if we have seen their special this or that, no we didn’t. I have maybe a half day each week to actually do something fun. You know what I see of those small towns; only the view out the doors of my trailer. I’m starting to get a bit jaded out here. I want to get back to the good of being on the road. There are lots of wonderful places in this country to see, delightful small towns and beautiful main streets. Unfortunately those are few are far between, small towns are dying and big cities are becoming impersonal. So if you all will bear with me I want to share more of these small towns with you; the good and the bad.

While my workload is not getting any lighter maybe together we can all find some love and hope together.

2 thoughts on “Out of Content

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  1. Same thing here…small towns losing services and becoming smaller. We’re lucky to live in a small city…..that services the other small towns. It’s a shame that people don’t realise how wonderful small towns can be. Look forward to your critique on small US towns.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. Living in small town America after living in big city America certainly changes your perspective. I know it has changed mine…for the better! 🙂

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