The Belize Chronicles – The Dives

So I lost the SD card that contained all of our vacation photos, I’ll write about that next week, however thanks the great folks at ZAO I was able to recover many. The ones that were not recovered were most of the dive shots. So I have none of the great shots of us in the water with gear or with our dive instructors. Oh well let’s move on.

When we went to Belize, we went to SCUBA dive. That is just what we did, 11 dives in 5 days. How do you put into words the most amazing, mind blowing and spiritual event of your life? Yeah, there are no words to describe how much I love diving and my love pales in comparison to Josh. We have honestly found a calling, diving will for some time be a part of our lives.

After a week of enjoying coral reefs and amazing schools of fishes we were ready for the big boys, Blue Hole. On our 8th dive we fed sharks and Josh touched one. I just was a little too scared. Shark petting is not for this Midwestern girl. They were so cool to watch, the way they move is fascinating.

On our last dive day we forked up the big bucks to take an all day charter that included meals and three dives. The first was to Blue Hole, a once dry cave full of stalactites and stalagmites formed over millions of years. Now crazy people like us dive to 140 ft below sea level to see them. You can only be down at that depth for about 8 minutes. While down there we saw at least 10 shark, reef and Caribbean, sniffing us out. No I do not taste good thank you! One reason for the sort dive is that the deeper you go the more air you use. At our safety stop I had to hook onto the back up air tank, I guess I suck, lol. On our final dive we stayed along a reef wall, it drops to depths of more than 3000 ft. So while you are enjoying the fish and coral you are also surrounded by deep dark blue. At one point we were joined by an Eagle Ray, it actually does look like it is sourcing. So beautiful hovering across the emptiness.

Josh made a friend while we were diving one day, a grouper fish. They had a chat waiting for the rest of us to come down. That grouper followed Josh the entire time, pointing out stuff to look at. I think our dive master must have slipped him a $20.

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  1. So Diving and Driving are the two big things in your lives… The underwater world is magic, from one who only snorkles and hasn’t tried SCUBA diving…Glad you had a fantasic time…despite the Resort.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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