Why I am Who I am

We have decided to join in the fun and share how Pippi got her name.   Her full name is Pippi Van Peanutbutter.  Josh named her, he liked Pippi because it rhymed with Puppy.  We got her before we were married and she is actually my dog.  So as a nod to her daddy we included the Van.  Peanutbutter came from her crazy behavior of the gooey stuff.  We were going to fix her so a name could be kind of wild.  She was originally Countryside Sadie Raleigh.  She also answered to Princess, Biscuits, Fat Dog, Poop Eater and Mrs. P.

We also had the chance to name Willa, the rescue we had for a year.  When we picked her up they just were calling her puppy.  Josh again named her.  He x something light and fun to match her tiny delicate body.  Willa was so itty bitty but you could tell from the first day she was full of life.  She became Willa Rigatoni Pepperoni.   We had gotten married and I changed my name so the Rigatoni was for my maiden name of Rigg.  Willa would crawl into the refrigerator if she smelled Pepperoni, so we decided to keep the food centric names and have some fun.  Some of you have asked about Willa.  She has a furever family in Minneapolis.  They are good friends of ours that love her dearly.  They call her Willy most of the time.  We do visit her and miss her so much.  Our lifestyle of travel is not a good fit for all dogs.

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  1. This is such a great theme. We are learning so much about everyone. We wondered why there are two Scotties in your picture. Now we know – little Willa went to live with a furever family.

    We are at a loss about how to make mum Googling Scottish names, and we don’t have posh Kennel Names cos we don’t have papers.

    Hector and Bonny

  2. Great naming stories. Glad you joined in. We have just been introduced to peanut butter…….and we LOVE it. Don’t know about pepperoni, but we love most food.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Love to see scotties driving instead of just giving directions! Ours are too opinionated when it comes to where and how to drive. It is good, every so often, to make them drive us around. I see you do the same. As long as you don’t yell… SQUIRREL!

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