Our 4th the Relaxing Part

We went back to Greensboro for the 4th to be with the Campbells and Katherine’s family.  This is the first time in years we have had a summer holiday off, in our business they are prime time for shows.  I guess I should stop complaining about the new tour.  After meeting near their home we caravaned up to Southern Virginia.  Home many Scottie owners are out there squealing knowing where Rocky Creek is!!!  Patents my dears.  We were greeted with open arms and open bottles!!!   Katherine’s parents live at a mountain resort and love to host.  What you see below is the coolest toy, an aerator.  Yes it made a great pour but the noise it makes lead to some wonderful jokes.  At one point the aerator got put away and Katherine’s dad kept making the noise as we poured glasses.

The next morning we headed down the maintain and ate breakfast at the farmers market, more market then farmers but what do you expect on a holiday weekend.  Muffins and scones were had by all.  I have to say it was tough to stay away from jewelery.  This is Nash the two-year old Lab of The Campbell’s.  Don’t be fooled by those sweet eyes, he is a rambunctious good time lab.  Pippi is a cranky old lady but she at least let’s him near her.   As you can see we had a good time being around him and his parents.

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