Guns and Horses

Ask a little boy what he wants to do on his birthday and you might hear “shoot guns and ride horses”.  Ask Josh what he wants to do on his birthday and we did hear “shoot guns and ride horses”.  Josh’s birthday was Saturday, the day of the funeral, and much of his family stuck around on Sunday.  So his brother Nathan made a phone call and we visited a friends farm where there were guns and horses.  We did bring our mussel loader as well.  I have spoken before on here about how much I love to go riding.  I don’t think are many things out there more fun.  We each took turns running on the fields and trails around the house, even with the rain it was amazing.  We all needed a little joy too, the lose of his uncle is a deep pain.  The gentleman in the red jacket is his cousin Kaleb from Wyoming.  We have not seen him in years.  The entire family in planning to go to Brazil in the spring for his wedding.

Here I am with Josh’s .22 and you can see that row of cans and milk jugs I slaughtered.  Yeah they were scared!!!  LOL.  I used to be a decent shot, my father had a stretch where he enjoyed target shooting.  As I have mentioned before I was a tomboy and would do everything with him, that ment lots of time on the firing range. I have so many special memories of hunting with my dad and shooting little targets.  This is the bad boy, the 40 cal hand gun, so I can say been there done that but I didn’t enjoy it.  Just so much to focus on.  I do realise how redneck we all look in this photo.

And the ponies, the wonderful ponies.  Poor things got pulled from the barn to come for a ride in the rain.  They were a bit cranky at first but started to enjoy the day and having us out.   I think Josh really enjoyed his day, I know the rest of us did.  There may never be a chance to play like this with his cousin. 

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