Queen of the Road

I just finished a delightful book from Doreen Orion called Queen of the Road, I don’t think you all want to hear a book review but I do want to share a little with you. If anyone ever wanted to hear another perspective about what it is like for Josh and I to be together 24 hours a day and travel this great land then pick this up. Doreen and her husband spent a year traveling in a converted bus, luxury style. She, like me, was a glam gal; I had two closets before we took this job now I have a suitcase. My husband is also a brainy super hero like hers. Reminds me that I need to tell you all about him saving two people while we were in DC.

The book conicals her adventures and the personal changes that doing something like this entails. It permanently alters your priorities, shifts you away from material desired to those of friends and family. I don’t love DC just for the museums but for the fact that two of my closest friends are there. Two ladies who love me and Josh for just being their friends.

I digress, I find it hard at times to connect with people who don’t get how I can do this. Just pick up and go, leave safety behind. One difference between Doreen’s tale and mine is that this was a my idea and I talked Josh into it.

I would find myself laughing out loud at her comments about certain places and areas, like the Corn Palace in South Dakota. Honestly people it’s not worth the drive. I shared so many of her experiences just from a Semi and not an RV. She has also inspired me to talk more about how going to these places has effected me and how I take being out on the road. If you’re a travel writing junkie like me then grab this one up.

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