Historic Battlefield Anyone

Those same site check days in DC lead us to a historic battlefield in Manassas, VA. It was the sight of two Civil War battles and some say one of the most important. However, I think you can say that about any battlefield, they were all important. The parks expansive grounds are a great equestrian site and include a very modern museum. The battlefield holds a monument to Stonewall Jackson, this being the site he earned that nickname at.
One very unique feature was a memorial built after the Civil War by Union Soldiers to honor those few lost their lives there. The pictures from the dedication day show that time has changed it little, a very cool piece in my book. I am glad we went but didn’t stay long, it was a very cold windy day. A little too nasty to be standing an open field. It gives you some perspective on how terrifying battle was, just an open field between you, cannons firing for hours.

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