Family Christmas

It has been a stressful and emotional couple of day for our little pack. We flew to Minneapolis on the 18th to pack up the last of our belongings that we are going to keep; everything else including the house is for sale. That was really not much fun, plus we were on a tight schedule. As soon as the truck was loaded miles needed to be made to reach my folk’s house in time for Christmas celebrations.

We arrived just after 10:00 pm, just after my brother’s children had gone to bed. From my post Monday you can tell is was a stressful visit and I lost some gifts in all the moving we had done. However being with my close family was just what the doctor ordered. We are a small family but I think that is good. Josh’s family is HUGE!

Everyone was there; my bother had changed his trip to make sure we could celebrate together. That was gift enough; I adore my nieces and nephew. I am still amazed at how much love I have for them and the joy their little voices bring to me. Plus I got a very special present, a travel case for my sewing machine!! Here are a few shots from our new camera and the rest are on our Shutterfly site. You can sign up for weekly updates from that site.

Mom saved tin icicles for me to put on the tree

Hugs and kisses all around

Woo Hoo a snuggie!!

Yes you look good in your new sweater

Sweet Dreams

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