More Friendly Faces

We were both very apprehensive about what being back home would be like. There was so much to get done in a short week and would it feel like home still. With me leaving in such a hast I knew that I left tons of things not taken care of and a mess. Well Josh did not do that, he cleaned everything and made sure that it was all completely put away. The house was spotless and it did feel like home, all the little things that I was missing looked so warm a cheery. Even my stand mixer was happy to see me.

Since we have decided to make this a long term venture and keep on the road there was a list we needed to look into getting resolved. The first thing I did was to go though my cloths and clean out what I should give away and sell on EBay. Plus I got some Halloween decorations put up. Josh needed to get our truck ready to be sold and posted on line. Then there was the long list of subscriptions and memberships to cancel.

However the real fun was had seeing everyone, thanks to all of you who came to Happy Hour. Love the mix CD!!!! Our special treat, other then getting to bake and cook, was meeting Jacob! He is the sweetest little snuggle bear. Freddy is becoming such a little boy now and we had a hoot playing. It was nice spend some real time together and play. Jacob is the best baby.

We will be back on the road soon and coming to a town near you 🙂

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