Board Games and Dog Butts

While we were in Champaign we had the chance to spend a couple of evenings with Mark and Devin Frederickson, Devin was my Maid of Honor. They moved to Champaign this summer so that Mark could start on his PhD. Devin has lived in the Twin Cities her entire life but this was a great opportunity for Mark so the newlyweds packed up their life and hit the road to IL. TO note they are both settling in and starting to get a groove in the city.

They have recently adopted a new dog Grover, most of the evening was spent talking about how Grover and Chester are doing and just general doggy talk.

We did play a game called Loaded Question and I have to say it was a hoot. I am not very good at reading the answers since I giggle like a little girl before I read them.

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