I did it

Well I made Chili last night, for myself. This way if it was bad Josh would not get to grip about it and if it was good he could have some. So a can or Hormel Chili starter, onion, hamburger and some chili powder later; I had done it. It was very good, well a good base. I now have enough confidence to go out on my own and just use beans. Living up here I think you need to be good at Chili. It’s so easy too and for an even better version I will use the crock pot.

My craft list today is as long as it was a week ago!!! Office Curtains – not started; Mom’s Apron – not done; Dog Swap – not started; Christmas Pillows – not started; and a long list of Christmas gifts. Added now are hemming Josh’s work pants. He is helping me cut out the stuff for the pillows and the Rugby flags. Huh huh huh guess what he is doing tonight 😉

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