The Big Island

Now that we are back to work and in the full swing of this tour it’s time to reflect on the second week of our great vacation to Hawaii.  After taking a tiny plane, TINY plane, to the Big Island it was go go go.  While Maui was all about relaxing and being with friends,... Continue Reading →

A Week in Maui

I guess it's about time I share some of our trip to Hawaii, state number 49 for me!  We spend the first week of the trip on Maui, mostly with our friends who were also there for the wedding.  The catalyst for this trip was the nuptials of friends, great excuse for a trip.  The... Continue Reading →

Trip Planning – Hawaii

Overwhelming!!  That's how I am starting to feel our upcoming trip to Hawaii is.  We are planning to visit Hawaii for vacation the first two weeks in December.  The reason for the trip is to attend a wedding on Maui but the rest it is see the gem.  However I'm having trouble figuring out what... Continue Reading →

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