Coming This Week: July 17 – 23

It's going to be a fun week our first show will be in Franklin, TN which is just outside Nashville then onto Wilmington, OH. Post of the Week:  I was so excited to read over on Scottish Terrier News an article about Beamer, a Scottie with a pacemaker.  Josh has actually met this little Diehard's... Continue Reading →

Best Present Ever!!!!

My birthday held an extra special surprise this year; because…… my good friend Diana stopped by to see me. In tow was her sweet Scottie Jazzi, yes the blogging sensation Jazzi. It is always a special moment when you can meet one of your bloggy buddies in person. If you're like me than this network... Continue Reading →

Three Scots, Again

I just can't resist every time we are around a piper or a guy in a kilt to have him snap a shot with me and Pippi.  This gentleman, Shawn McDaniel, opened the dedication ceremony at our event this past Saturday.  He was a delight to chat with as well.  When most people hear Amazing... Continue Reading →

Three Cheers for Sadie

We interrupt your regularly schedule post for a special announcement. The Scottish Terrier takes Westminster, actually she takes them all this year. This perfect little pooch sweep all three major shows this season and has added Best in Show 112 to her resume. Sweet little Sadie is putting Scotties in the spotlight. Good thing because... Continue Reading →

Scottie Gear Allert

I am always a sucker for a cute Scottie shirt. Well Target has a new one out. It is a little black tee with a grey plaid scottie on the front. I will put up pics soon. So if you're in Target go check it out!!!

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