Special Guests

Earlier this week I hinted about having a Scottie meet-up and the awesome time we had.  Well not only did we get to finally meet the handsome Stuart and him mom but there was a very special guest all the way from Australia.  So Kendra, Bella and Daisy can be rest assured that their mom is doing good, Pippi kept her lap warm for a while.  Last year we missed meeting Tobi by less than an hour on the National Mall is Washington, DC.  Not taking a chance of that happening again, we planned an event with easier logistics.  Well I thought so until she got caught in traffic.  The rains did keep some people from coming out to meet us but all in all it was amazing.

What a looker!!! Hubba Hubba

Let me tell you what that little Stuart has the most luxurious coat, I just wanted to squeeze him to pieces.

Giving some Scottie Snuggles

We had a blast hanging out and chatting about what else but life with Scotties.  I can’t wait until we can make it happen again.

Scottie Sandwich, the best kind

Fancy Yourself a Scottie?

The September issue of Dog Fancy Magazine features an article written about best dog breed in history, the Scottish Terrier. The story includes comments from some very honest and savvy breeders. I certainly agree with most of what the ladies had to say but none of the attributes matched Pippi.


I hope if you are considering adding a Scottie to your family you would refer to articles like this. One comment that stuck with me was about never being able to let your Scottie off leash. It is true a standard bread Scottie will have a very curious mind and be incredibly stubborn. My sweet little princess is hardly ever on a leash, mostly just for show when she is. Pippi doesn’t like being very far from us. However like most Scottie she will do anything for a treat! You can’t train em but you can bribe em.


I’ve been hinting about some special visits coming next week, well one came early. We decided to surprise the gag from Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures with a visit. I am going to see Lynn next week but would miss out on the pups. The farm happens to be about halfway between our location and where friends of ours live.  Not only did we get some Scottie time but we met The Campbells for dinner.

Hanging out with Lily and Lynn

I am just head over heals for Lily, she has the big Scottie melon and such loving eyes.

Just the boys - Josh and Piper (and Pippi trying to hide)

Coming This Week: July 17 – 23

It’s going to be a fun week our first show will be in Franklin, TN which is just outside Nashville then onto Wilmington, OH.

Post of the Week:  I was so excited to read over on Scottish Terrier News an article about Beamer, a Scottie with a pacemaker.  Josh has actually met this little Diehard’s owner, they had lunch together when he was in Monroe, LA last month.  We meet Scotties all over the country and it is so much fun when our worlds cross again.

Best Present Ever!!!!

My birthday held an extra special surprise this year; because…… my good friend Diana stopped by to see me. In tow was her sweet Scottie Jazzi, yes the blogging sensation Jazzi. It is always a special moment when you can meet one of your bloggy buddies in person. If you’re like me than this network of individuals has become an important part of life. After reading Jazzi’s blog the first time I knew that Diana and I were kindred spirits. Anyone who shares their life with a diva Scottie is alright in my book. When living with a Scottie you must understand that you are just a little below them in the scheme of things.

We had such a wonderful visit, I am so thankful that she was able to share so much of her time with me and Pippi. I have to say that I fell for Jazzi, shocking right; it was hard to tell the two girls apart. I have never been around another Scottie that looked so much like Pippi. They are very close in age as well, just a few weeks. Although they are from different breeders it’s just too hard to believe that they don’t share a relative. Diana and I can just pretend they are sisters. There were just not enough minutes in the day for me to steal kisses and snuggles. Unlike Pippi, Jazzi gives up the kisses. Pippi is very stingy with her smooches; at least to me. Not only did Diana come by with Jazzi and her grandson, Kaleb, but a load of presents too. I, of course, didn’t take pictures of a single one before heading for vacation. Lucky for me Diana passed onto me a wonderful little gem from her own craft room. A few months ago she posted up about a file holder with handles, all Scottie-fied. I have been searching for one since. You can image how I squealed when I unwrapped this gem. You have no idea amazing this thing is for the truck.

I am so thankful to have Diana in my life and can’t wait to come back for more squeezes.

Three Scots, Again

I just can’t resist every time we are around a piper or a guy in a kilt to have him snap a shot with me and Pippi.  This gentleman, Shawn McDaniel, opened the dedication ceremony at our event this past Saturday.  He was a delight to chat with as well.  When most people hear Amazing Grace on the pipes it bring tears to their eyes, not me.  I just love to hear that whine, plus that song plays on a loop in the truck.

Three Cheers for Sadie

We interrupt your regularly schedule post for a special announcement. The Scottish Terrier takes Westminster, actually she takes them all this year. This perfect little pooch sweep all three major shows this season and has added Best in Show 112 to her resume. Sweet little Sadie is putting Scotties in the spotlight. Good thing because the last Scottie to make the news was Bush’s Barney biting a reporter.

The best moment for us was her little dance after she won, any of you who know Pippi have seen that cute dance. I know little girls all over the country are melting and wishing for a Pippi puppy and not a pony this year.