Sharing Some Christmas Joy

This post is a little delayed but as i stayed earlier I took this vacation off!!! Not that posting is work but there were photos on the camera from some of the later Lincoln shows that i did not want to see and be reminded that I need to edit and send to the company. Here is a little Holiday Cheer to spread. Here is a link to all of our Holiday photos.

SHARKS!!!! (notice that Nana gets them matching jammies)

So many presents so little time

Santa didn’t forget Pippi

My mom even decorates the inside of the package!!

We got Fred a Hot Wheels car hauler

I just really like this shot of Jonas

Chancho just wanted one of Pippi’s bones, man is he cute

No Pippi that is my stocking
Every year my mom makes our family matching pajama pants, we decided to sport ours with some flair! Thanks Mom we love them.

Playing the Detroit Loins

Well we didn’t play the Lions, we pretend to be them. Our company Holiday Party was at Ford Field and after our tour we got to run around the field.

Josh in the Loins’ Locker Room

Yes they gave us footballs

Me and Amanda (Lincoln Tour Manager)

So I cut my hair!!

NFL here I come

Trust me we had a blast

For the Children

With Lincoln technically being off the road we have found a way to keep busy before Holiday break. Our company has invited schools to host us on site and we are giving guided tours to the truck. We have found this a blessing and a curse, the days are long, it is exhausting to give tour after tour and the truck gets so dirty. However it is amazing to see how into the exhibit the kids get and the amazing questions they come up with!! Josh had a first grader ask who he worked for.

What is up in Massachusetts

We spent three days in the bitter cold of Lowell, MA. It was not without a few highlights. The sports arena had brought us there for a Lincoln themed game; a local school had a poster contest, Lincoln prizes were awarded, Abe dropped the puck and a costume contest was held.

We got the treat of having 500 students come in and went to the hockey game.

The arena was giving away bobbleheads. Guess who is our new driving partner.

Overwhelling Turnout

Our show in Verona, WI was an amazing and overwhelming experience! Not only did I to be on TV but we had more then 2000 guests come visit the exhibit in two days. On Saturday there was a 30 minute wait to get inside!

The crowd as we opened, they were waiting at the door

The 30 minute linePacked the

A Star is Born

One of the elements of being on a high profile tour like the Lincoln library is that the media has an interest in doing stories. Many newspapers run something before we arrive and on many occasions I have seen Lynn do quick interviews. Well it was my turn, last night I did a live segment for WISC-TV Live at Five. I will try to get a copy of it for here. I think I did pretty good and Josh agreed. I was so nervous but it was kind of fun. Never would think I would like being on TV, right Mom. 🙂

On the Way to Newark Ohio

Today we took advantage of having a late set up time and stopped at Delaware State Park just south of Waldo, OH. The park is a small section of the Dakota Nature Preserve. The trail options were limited but we found a nice walk around the lake called Big Foot trail, no Sasquatch was spotted. However we did catch a couple of Whitetail Deer. They are amazing animals to watch, the squirrel we scared made more noise running away then the deer. Pippi had her own way of enjoying the walk, she thought it was a good idea if every 200 yards she stopped to mark, nasty little dog.

We both kind of kicked ourselves for not going to play at Ft. Snelling S.P. when we were home and bored.