Change of Pace

We have some big news, of all the 30 drivers and staff teams at our company we were selected to be the back up tour for the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum truck. We are in Champaign right now learning the set up. This is one of the highest profile tours the company does and the number one team at MRA runs it. They are Lynn and Loyd Bunch, the ones who got us hired, and they requested that we be their back ups. It is looking like we will be here in Champaign for a week and then after going home we will take the tour till January. The set up and take down for this truck is about an hour each, then we spend the day greeting guests and answering questions. This is the kind of tour we want of our own and part of this assignment is so that we can prove we are talented enough to have one.

So here’s to you Annika, stop two on the AVG college tour 🙂

Just a side note, we will be getting off time for the winter holidays. So see you all soon and come visit when we are near.

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