Old Wrestling Abe

Bet you didn’t know that Abraham Lincoln wrestled in his youth. That was one thing we used to talk about when really young school groups would come for tours of the Lincoln Truck. When Abe was a young man in New Salem he would often take part in matches with other hired help in the area. So when we visited the Dan Gable Wresting Museum in Waterloo, IA; I could not resist taking a picture here.

Josh’s Uncle Doug, otherwise known as Beef, is heavily involved with the museum and thought we would enjoy it. He even co-hosts a weekly radio show called “On the Mat” on www.kcnzam.com. We did have fun, it is a pretty large facility and while we were there a youth night was happening. Each room is set aside for a different piece of wrestling history and there is a hall of fame. Being from the Midwest so many of the names around were familiar. Honestly it was fun, I’m so glad we had a chance to see it.

Big Changes!!!

The economic woes have finally hit our company, a few layoffs were announced today as well as a shuffle of tours. I am sad to say that the Lincoln Tour is now permanently gone, it is being torn down. Our tour, Reflections, is now off the road. Josh and I have come out safe here, we have been reassigned to the Meijer tour. We will be on it until October, this tour is a bit different for us, it only travels to five Midwestern states. This will be a shift for us, plus I will not be the manager. There is already a full time manager. I am very sad today but we have our jobs and the Meijer Tour gets back to our roots in event marketing.

Send your thoughts to the three people who are no longer with my company. I will tell you all more about the new tour later.

Flying High

Now it is no secret that I enjoy public Speaking, I used to live for it. Thought i would make a career out if it. Part of my job is to do presentations to students when the come in, which I love but we also are asked to speak to media at times. Today however was a first, I gave a press conference and then did 3 media interviews. I tell you I am flying! As I find the different pieces i will post them. I didn’t really have hobbies or play sports as a kid but I did get heavily involved with 4H and FFA. Those were both avenues for me to give speeches. I know so many people dread it and I was so nervous to do the Press Conference but wow was that fun. The one on one’s I rocked it out!

Here is a video

You can tune in tomorrow morning while Steve Stadelman talk to me in the for the morning show.

We are getting lots of press here.


Feeling Official

We are armed with our official Inauguration Staff badges and nott taking any guff. Well not much. The Lincoln Library truck is safely set up a few blocks from the mall and we shot still and film footage of the Funeral Customs truck rolling into Arlington. I am starting to feel like a big deal, our badges get us access to lots of places and attention. The crowds are not here yet but there is plenty of work to do. With all the goings on there was still time to visit a few sites and pick up some souvenirs. It will be a long few weeks here but worth it all.

We’re Outta Here

We are finally getting out of Detroit, yesterday we hit the road to Washington DC. I waited to announce that we were invited to show the Lincoln Truck at the inauguration lest anything go wrong. The Smithsonian has invited us to park right in front of the Washington Monument for the festivities. Never fear we will post plenty of pictures and details!

Since I was SO ready to high tail it out of Michigan but we wanted a proper goodbye so yesterday we had lunch at the famous Miller’s Bar. This place has made just about every best burger list in the world. They only serve Burgers, Fries and Onion rings, and honestly it was the best I have ever had.