Old Wrestling Abe

Bet you didn't know that Abraham Lincoln wrestled in his youth. That was one thing we used to talk about when really young school groups would come for tours of the Lincoln Truck. When Abe was a young man in New Salem he would often take part in matches with other hired help in the... Continue Reading →

Big Changes!!!

The economic woes have finally hit our company, a few layoffs were announced today as well as a shuffle of tours. I am sad to say that the Lincoln Tour is now permanently gone, it is being torn down. Our tour, Reflections, is now off the road. Josh and I have come out safe here,... Continue Reading →

Josh Featured on Company Site

Our employer, MRA, just launched it's newly redone website. The page about the Lincoln Tour features an image of Josh giving a tour. I took that photo too. The Mazda tour page is all photos we took.

Flying High

Now it is no secret that I enjoy public Speaking, I used to live for it. Thought i would make a career out if it. Part of my job is to do presentations to students when the come in, which I love but we also are asked to speak to media at times. Today however... Continue Reading →

Feeling Official

We are armed with our official Inauguration Staff badges and nott taking any guff. Well not much. The Lincoln Library truck is safely set up a few blocks from the mall and we shot still and film footage of the Funeral Customs truck rolling into Arlington. I am starting to feel like a big deal,... Continue Reading →

We’re Outta Here

We are finally getting out of Detroit, yesterday we hit the road to Washington DC. I waited to announce that we were invited to show the Lincoln Truck at the inauguration lest anything go wrong. The Smithsonian has invited us to park right in front of the Washington Monument for the festivities. Never fear we... Continue Reading →

Sharing Some Christmas Joy

This post is a little delayed but as i stayed earlier I took this vacation off!!! Not that posting is work but there were photos on the camera from some of the later Lincoln shows that i did not want to see and be reminded that I need to edit and send to the company.... Continue Reading →

Playing the Detroit Loins

Well we didn't play the Lions, we pretend to be them. Our company Holiday Party was at Ford Field and after our tour we got to run around the field.Josh in the Loins' Locker RoomYes they gave us footballsMe and Amanda (Lincoln Tour Manager)So I cut my hair!! NFL here I comeTrust me we had... Continue Reading →

For the Children

With Lincoln technically being off the road we have found a way to keep busy before Holiday break. Our company has invited schools to host us on site and we are giving guided tours to the truck. We have found this a blessing and a curse, the days are long, it is exhausting to give... Continue Reading →

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