Once More Into the Unknown

In the two short years since moving to Portland, I didn’t think Josh and I would be once again facing a huge life change; but here we are. Three years ago my father passed away suddenly, something I am only recently able to talk about with someone outside of my immediate circle. I don’t think you can ever really prepare for something like this and thankfully I was surrounded by loving family and incredible friends.  While in the thick of grief someone shared a little advise, well many people shared advise, take some time to adjust and wait a year before making any dramatic life changes. My mother has faithfully stuck to this and has gone into each new chapter with a sure heart; we didn’t make it a year. Within six months we had made the decision to leave the company we’d been with for close to 10 years, saying goodbye the unique lifestyle we had know for most of our marriage. I am not sure what shocked our families more; that we were leaving the road, that we would no longer be working together or that we were moving across the county to Portland. We have made a home here; I found my dream job, Josh was working for friends of ours and we purchased our house.

Today we are faced with another set a changes, one by choice and one by force. Josh made the decision to pursue a new career that will allow him to be home every night and spend more time with Pippi and me….and his garden. This will be the first time he has worked in an office; from his early days of teaching, then onto field marketing and working as a full time truck driver, he has not known the perils of cubical life. As for me, upon moving I stayed in the live event industry and as you can image with our country in quarantine mode all live events are canceled. I am one of many who has lost their job due to these measures. So now I must decide am I also ready for a change, do I leave my beloved event world? How can anything compete with the pace and excitement of live events? Would I even fit somewhere else, working in these crazy circumstances breeds a certain personality, am I too much of an oddball to do anything else?

Taken my first week, love those little buses!

Now I sit down to work through resume updates and household budgets; while also trying to hold up my compatriots also effected. Change is good right?

8 thoughts on “Once More Into the Unknown

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  1. You can do this!! Change is not bad, it’s just different. My hope is that we all will look back on this time and say this helped me get to where I needed to be. My love to you always as you march into the unknown.

  2. You are like cream. Always rising to the top, even when it is pushed back down. Can’t wait to see the pail you pop up in next.
    Have I told you lately…

  3. You and Josh are two tough cookies, a regular Bogart and Bacall team, but in real life. Keep your paddle in the water, and you will run this rapids just fine. Love, Pops VG

  4. All my love and best wishes to you both. Know you always rise to he new adventure ahead and am sure you will this time as well.

  5. Life is about change and adapting. You two have made a commitment each other-all the other stuff will pass. And one day you’ll share what you’ve learned and experienced. Onward. Continue being explorers!!

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