Coming This Week: December 13th – 19th

While we are spending this week in Detroit, happily finishing up some work for our clients, this is also going to be a week of crazy.  There are parties to attend, chocolates to be purchased, a growler to be filled with beer, and a few other little holiday tasks before we pack up and roll home.  For the first time we are really making the rounds.  The next few weeks will include visits to Dekalb, Mt. Sterling, Dubuque, and Chicago.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Mama’s Little Baby – Delbert McClinton 

Week in Review: Unfortunately I would like to say we had all kinds of birthday fun last week but Josh was pulled away last minute to help with a work emergency.  Instead we decided to just move everything forward a week.  Since there were already fun events planned for next week, this will just make it better.  However I did get a lovely gift from him, a shiny new Apple Watch!!

Fun Photo of the Week:


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