Coming This Week – November 9th – 15th

Had I written this post last week it would have needed a major edit, both of our schedules changed last minute yesterday. I am on a flight to Florida, picking up the Animal Connections Tour in the Tampa area. I will be in Leesburg for two days then off to finish the week out in Venice for the Chalk Festival. Josh is in New Orleans for a few days and then off to Memphis and St. Louis later in the week, his project is not open to the public but if you are already going to a football game in one of those cities he would love a shout out. Week one being apart has been ok, a really change for us. Next is a bit unsure but I will start in Florida and probably head back to Detroit, Josh is going to Nashville, Durham and Knoxville.


Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps


Week in Review:

I spent last week in Detroit, wrapping up my previous tour and helping out on a cool project from the Detroit Art Institute called DIA Away. This truck will be going to schools all the Detroit area next year. Josh’s project was mostly undergoing movement and maintenance, a great way to get his hands dirty with a trailer neither of us have worked with. It is not the traditional double-expandable like we are usually with.

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