Coming This Week: January 25th – 31st

We are now back to work, had a few days in Detroit to check in and then onto Indy to help out on a project. Song of the week: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit Week in Review: We went to the movies this week, together but not to the same movie. We actually split up to see... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week – November 9th – 15th

Had I written this post last week it would have needed a major edit, both of our schedules changed last minute yesterday. I am on a flight to Florida, picking up the Animal Connections Tour in the Tampa area. I will be in Leesburg for two days then off to finish the week out in... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: December 9 – 15

Definitely wrapping up our year quickly now.  We left Indy late last week and went back to Detroit.  This week we will finish up the preparations for taking the truck out again next year.  This coming weekend my family is getting together to celebrate the Holidays.  We are all meeting up at my uncle's home... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: April 1 – 7

I am spending this week in Detroit, while Josh is in Memphis. He is filling in for some dear friends while they finish a deal to purchase a home. I do expect to see him Thursday when I pick him up (somewhere) to visit our families for Easter. I will have news shortly about a... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 11 – 17

Well this week we head to Toronto! Oh yeah ten days in Canada (March 16 - 16). We are taking an exhibit for the American Welding Society to FAB-Tech Canada. Post of the Week: Please enjoy the training site of our dear friend Rhonda Lee, a Canadian Champion Body Builder. We will be getting a... Continue Reading →

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