Coming This Week: July 14 – 20

My frustration levels over trying to manage this blog and work and school have come to a head.  I love my job and I love this blog (I only like school).  Since I’m not willing to give up on any of these things a new balance must be found.  I am frustrated that at most I get two posts up a week.  So in an effort to share our travels and still find time to sleep and eat I will best posting shorts more photo based posts.

Coming this week:  We are spending the early part of this week in Indianapolis training to take out a very short but very important tour.  We will be bringing the Animal Connections to the Chicago area the last two weeks of July.  Animal connections is sponsored by the American Veterinary Medicine Association in partnership with the Smithsonian.  So yeah, my new client is the Smithsonian!!!!!  And the tour is about animals.  Yeah I know right!!  This just a short tour and we will return to our primary clients,  Rohde & Schwarz, in August.  I will be sharing more details as I’m able.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

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