Coming This Week: July 7- 13

After a very relaxing week at home with the family it is time to get back on the road.  All of July will see us in the Midwest, mostly Ohio and Illinois.  There is a big surprise coming at the end of this month but you will have to wait.  This week we will be in Chicago and Dayton, OH.  Next week will be in Indianapolis.  See the calendar for more info.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

We spent a lovely 4th in Dubuque, enjoying fireworks and an air show.  We ran into the Dubuque Bomb Squad Roller Derby Team.

7.4.13 2

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  1. the heart of summer in the heartland! Yikes – must be hot!
    Surprise coming – I’m not gonna be surprised – you guys have spent lots and lots of nights together (smirk, smirk, smirk). LOL

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