Coming This Week: May 26 – June 1

Salt Lake City greeted us with cool temps and crazy winds, but hey I have plenty of tent stakes.  One of the perks this tour brings is that we don’t work on holidays and we take full advantage of that.  Utah has some majestic views to found from the miles of trails available.  Unfortunately I didn’t plan well and we weren’t; able to visit a National Park (although we have been to Canyonlands and Arches already).  That really isn’t a big deal since Utah has wonderful State Parks too.  While Josh gets in a little fishing Pippi and I will hit the trails and hopefully find a few things to photograph.  We had a short visit with Anita and her wonderful boys, Jake and Albert; she always inspires me to get my face behind that camera.

We will finish up the week with shows in the SLC area before heading home for a week’s vacation.  A much-needed trip to see family.

I updated our calendar page to as far out as I know the travel schedule.

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