Always Improving

I am very lucky to be friends some amazing photographers and they are all very generous with advise.  Taking pictures is part of my job, a near daily activity; my images are used for a wide spectrum of things for the company.  Honestly they all look the same, excluding a few great locations.  It’s easy to get complacent and just document the event instead of trying something new.  Shooting events all the time I have a hard time switching to taking a simple portrait.  Not something I’m terribly good at.

Some recent conversations and well, just time playing my camera have led to a real breakthrough for me.  Not only have I figured out a few things with the equipment but also I’ve figured out a few things with software.  I wanted to take a look back at where I was last year and where I am now.  So enjoy and don’t stop trying.

Last Year

The Volks
Such a lovely family, too back it’s framed funny.

This Year

She's just so easy to take a good photo of
She’s just so easy to take a good photo of

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  1. Hey, everyone’s looking at the camera…eyes open. We’d get loads of treats for that. It also helps to have a good lookin’ subject.

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