Paw-jamma Pants!!!!

I have neglected one of our most popular posts, the annual jammie pants photos!!!! If you are new then let me explain.  Every year my amazing mother makes matching pajama pants for my entire family.  We all put them on for a photo and them wear them Christmas morning.  That way even if we aren't... Continue Reading →

Always Improving

I am very lucky to be friends some amazing photographers and they are all very generous with advise.  Taking pictures is part of my job, a near daily activity; my images are used for a wide spectrum of things for the company.  Honestly they all look the same, excluding a few great locations.  It’s easy... Continue Reading →

Say Cheese

This year we very unsuccessfully took family pictures, twice. Not just botching my photos but also my brothers. Still can't figure out what I was thinking.  I'm hoping that there will be some time for one more attempt when we're home for the holidays.  Our saving grace what this shot that my aunt got.  It... Continue Reading →

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