From Toronto, with Love


Just because we didn’t spend St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago this year doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate. There are few cities that really know how to do it right! Toronto did not disappoint, thanks to some great newspaper articles we had a good idea of where to go and what to do. The “do” was especially easy. A few pubs were broadcasting the England vs. Ireland rugby match. Even thought the only place we could get into was a little subdued it was still fun and they had all of the essentials. Guinness, Jameson and green beer.


One of the lovely gals from our recent trip to Mexico just happens to live right in Toronto and had some free time to come hang out. This being Josh’s first trip I really wanted to hit one of the cool neighborhoods. We decided that the pedestrian only area know as the Distillery District would be a great place to spend the afternoon. Thankfully the weather also agreed. It was a lovely day with just a little chill in the shade. Josh and I got there early and stopped into one of the local micro-breweries for a pint and a snack. The entire area was filled with families having Sunday brunch together. Lots of little kids in their Sunday best.

The buildings are all renovated into shops, lofts and restaurants while keeping original structures. Very hip and fun, a few historical marked tossed in for effect.

We really had a blast with my friends Rhonda and as always it’s wonderful to see friends. We treasure these days.

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