Coming This Week: September 1 – 7

This week we cross the border and will be spending the next two weeks in Canada.  This week includes two shows around Toronto before moving to Ottawa.  While we will both be in Toronto together, next week we split up again.  I need to go to New Jersey for one show with the Smithsonian and... Continue Reading →

From Toronto, with Love

Just because we didn't spend St. Patrick's Day in Chicago this year doesn't mean we didn't celebrate. There are few cities that really know how to do it right! Toronto did not disappoint, thanks to some great newspaper articles we had a good idea of where to go and what to do. The "do" was... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 11 – 17

Well this week we head to Toronto! Oh yeah ten days in Canada (March 16 - 16). We are taking an exhibit for the American Welding Society to FAB-Tech Canada. Post of the Week: Please enjoy the training site of our dear friend Rhonda Lee, a Canadian Champion Body Builder. We will be getting a... Continue Reading →

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