More Than Diving


We did do more than go diving in Cozumel, we also shared some good cheer with friends. Part of the reason for the trip was to celebrate my 30th birthday and the 50th of our close friend Scott. We were the only ones going out to dive during the day, of an evening we sat around sharing stories and jokes. Plus the food was amazing. I’m not sure that I mentioned it before but we rented a house instead of going to a resort, Josh and I aren’t huge fans of resorts. There was also a cook that would come in twice a day to prepare delicious meals for us. Having the table filled each morning with fresh fruit, eggs and all kinds of other goodies is what I call a breakfast! Dinner was even more scrumptious, they prepared a wide variety of Mayan and Spanish dishes for us. Nearly every meal contained a flavor unfamiliar but divine.


The house had a lovely pool and amazing views. Our room was on the third floor with a small balcony. Even our bathroom had a great ocean view.


Josh keeps saying that this was the best trip he has ever taken 🙂



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