More Than Diving

We did do more than go diving in Cozumel, we also shared some good cheer with friends. Part of the reason for the trip was to celebrate my 30th birthday and the 50th of our close friend Scott. We were the only ones going out to dive during the day, of an evening we sat... Continue Reading →

Scuba in Cozumel

I figured it was about time I shared some of the photos we took while on vacation and from the ill-fated dive that sunk my camera. It's a bit unfortunate that we only took a few shoots of the other people we went with and the house we stayed in. Both were very lovely. Thank... Continue Reading →

Out of Air

No one ever promised us that SCUBA diving would always be all smooth sailing, that's why we took classes. That's why we review the text book before our trips. However all the prepping can't prevent issues with rental gear. We decided to take it slowly with our investment into our own SCUBA equipment and only... Continue Reading →


I'm happy to report that after three days in Cozumel and four dives we are healthy and not sunburned, yet! These are both a bit of a feat, us Midwesterns have skin like glistening ivory in the Mexican sun and Josh had his tank come loose durning a dive. Thankfully he remembered the proper hand... Continue Reading →

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