Casa No Más

How many people spend a week in Mexico and come back homeless? Well I am happy to say that as of 10am today Josh and I are no longer the proud owners of a townhouse in Minnesota. Yes folks, after three years of dancing with the market we have sold our house. Thank you to everyone whom has been there while we dealt with the ups and downs of challenging market.

Josh and I bought the house about a year before we got married. We started our life together there. We housebroke two puppies there. And we had many wonderful times there.

To the nice man whom purchased the house, thank you and I know you will love it as much as we did.

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  1. Oh we are so-o-o-o happy to hear that!!! It is what we have been praying for. You are in a great place to celebrate!
    Dad and Mom (Van Gelder)

  2. I remember your/our first night in that house. Sleeping on the blow up mattress on the basement floor. And spending a LOT of time painting.

    I’m so happy that it finally sold!

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