New Cut and New Collar

While Summer is not officially over, I always think of September as the beginning of Fall. So it would be totally inappropriate for Pippi to still be sporting her Summer collar. Now she already has a Halloween collar and we usually start putting her Chicago Bears one on about now. However I just couldn’t resist picking up this gem, it’s a collar covered in the logo for Dogfish Head beer! Check out the tag “Call my mates and I’ll fetch you a beer”. This is the first time we are trying out the nameplate style tag, Josh was really keen on this. I figured, a collar about beer could be his project.

As you may also notice Pippi got a haircut, I’m not thrilled with it but this is usually the time we transition her from a shorter summer look to her fuller cut in winter. I don’t like what they did with her face, including the “flattop” brows. I think it looks too masculine, guess she’ll butch it up for a month. I went it with very detailed written instruction for the groomer but I didn’t think I would need to add girlie to the list. This is just one of the pitfalls of being away from Detroit for so long. Have no fear her groomer Stacie will make it all better.

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  1. yah last time, My groomer didnt do what my mom wanted and now she has a name of a guy that does really great haircuts. So I will be going there next but not sure when. I am starting to get hairy and HOT so it better be soon!!
    Lil sis looks adorable anyways!!


  2. Poor Pippi! She going to be butch for a month!

    Talking of haircuts, our hoomin is learning how to do our cuts herself. For the first year it looked like we had a runway down our backs (til she learned to do the sides) but faces is harder, she finds. She never seems to get it right!!!! Then she has this queer notion that we should be able to see without hair in our eyes so she whips off our eyebhrows (which are meant to be distinctively long – its the Scottie USP) and we end up looking like baboons. She not sorry, but she is getting better – slowly. By the time we are ten she will probably be good at it…….

    Wags to Pippi and co.

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