Coming This Week: August 21 – 27

We have some super exciting visits this week while in Amsterdam, NY we will be spending time with Josh’s Aunt Lori and her family. This includes her amazing daughters Emma and Kelsey! Emma just received a Westie puppy as a birthday gift so expect lots of doggie pictures! Later in the week we will be in Burlington, VT. Next week will be Concord, NH and Portland, ME.

Post of the Week: Next time Josh comments on the size of my suitcase of the amount of wardrobe I have, this will be my secret weapon.  Aspiring to the Middle posted a very practical approach to packing for longer trips.  I enjoyed the notes on how all you see are travelers bragging about spending a month wearing the same 8 pieces.  Hey I like to look nice and clean!

4 thoughts on “Coming This Week: August 21 – 27

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  1. Thank you for featuring me as your post of the week! I’m glad you liked it. I have never done a year long trip and maybe if I did, I would feel differently but I don’t think wearing the same shirt over and over on a shorter vacation should be a source of pride:)

  2. Nice to meet you Abigail and Josh..I’m perusing your blogs to catch up on your lives. It’s nice to get the additional perspective of what small towns are like, including their library facilities. Nice to see pics of your dog here!

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