Merrell Family Tree

You all know by now how much we love Merrell Barefoot shoes and we are big on sharing this love. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to hear when friends of ours decide to Go Barefoot! We recently had a chance to visit with our dear friends from North Carolina, The Campbells. Both of them gave the shoes a try and found out why we sing their praises. We were sitting around having a few beers when Katherine share that hers were starting to get smelly, I covered this topic a few weeks back. At the time she was trying the freezer trick. For anyone who’s not aware of this technique for freshening shoes it works well for running shoes or Sketchers type tennies. Put your shoes in the freezer, or deep freeze if you have one, over night. The cold kills off many of the odor causing bacteria. I did this for year with other shoes. However I’ve found that with Barefoots the results are very temporary. A good scrubbing to remove the dead skin and oils is still the best way.

We have ordered a new pair for Josh and plan to put his old ones in a dishwasher to see what the results are, coming soon.

While we were chatting about the benefits of Going Barefoot, Katherine’s sister-in-law had a few questions. She loved how the Mary Jane style would be adjustable for thin feet. Yup, I think we’ve converted another one!

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company. I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***

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