Barefoot 2.0

If you have been following this blog for a while then you are aware of my affinity for Merrell and their wonderful Barefoot shoes.  Both Josh and I have owned a number of their "glove" offerings, the minimalist sole is supportive without being heavy, I feel more balanced and move faster in them while working.  ... Continue Reading →

Barefoot and Fashionable

How could Merrell possibly make their Barefoot line any better? Well I didn’t think there was a way. It’s already flush with a variety of style to match what anyone prefers in an athletic shoe, just with a minimalist twist. Josh and I are very dedicated to the line. This fall they have added an... Continue Reading →

Shiny New Merrells

The time has finally come for me to replace my original Merrell Barefoot shoes. While they are still comfortable, the shoe is starting to fall apart. I don't want a shabby looking shoe for spring; however they did last about a year. I've decided to go with a darker color this time, well not so... Continue Reading →

Barefoot This Winter

I'm not going to claim that I have been terribly active as the temps have started lowering, even though the weather here in Michigan have been wonderful. When the air gets cool and before the snow falls I'm in heaven. Keep it at about 45 for me. I do try to go for a run... Continue Reading →

Put Them in the Dishwasher

We just recently replaced Josh's original Merrell Barefoot, he had worn down the soles from so much use. So we figured this would be a great time to experiment a little with cleaning by using the old pair. I've been wanting to try for some time cleaning them using the dishwasher, but didn't want to... Continue Reading →

Merrell Family Tree

You all know by now how much we love Merrell Barefoot shoes and we are big on sharing this love. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to hear when friends of ours decide to Go Barefoot! We recently had a chance to visit with our dear friends from North Carolina, The Campbells. Both... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Everywhere

I was really hoping to include a shot of me sprinting through the Detroit Airport with my Merrell Barefoot shoes on but when you are racing for a gate that is that farthest thing from your mind so instead we will chat about taking them camping. So I know some of these shots are cheesy... Continue Reading →

Whadda CAVE!!!

Now that we have gone fully "barefoot", what I mean is that I no longer use tennis shoes anymore, just my Merrell Barefoot shoes; it was time for another test. As you might recall we somewhat foolishly took a 4 mile hike before we were ready, well weeks later our feet and muscles have been... Continue Reading →

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