Doing Asheville

I feel like a bad blogger, I was so excited to talk about Asheville, NC that I lost a little focus on my Travel Tuesday post. I was planning to talk about how we sit around at times and imagine what it would be like to live in a town again. To have friends over, find a local bar, how we choose the towns that make our list. I also wanted to mention that we recently have thought about it more. It is just stress, we’re not leaving the road.

Asheville was crazy, so many good beers, so much music. We had unforgettable experiences there. I want to share with you all some videos and photos that other great folks from Asheville took. Not only did we dig the town but met some great folks.  I am still imaging hanging out with friends at Jack of the Wood or going back to the Wedge Brewing  Company on Sundays.  We miss you Asheville, we miss you.

While we were watching that amazing Abigail Washburn her bass player had a very tragic accident.

I want to extent a very special thanks to Gary Reckard for sharing links and images from that night!!!!!

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