Uncle Matt

If you have ever met our dog Pippi in person then you are very aware of her affinity to snuggling. There is nothing that dog loves more than curling up and taking in a little body heat. She also has a knack for finding that one person with a soft spot for fuzzy little black dogs. We had a wonderful visit with my family the week before Christmas, a house full of aunts, uncles and cousins; sharing meals with three generations of Volks. Gift were exchanged and laughs were plentiful; general merriment was had. As the festivities started to wind down and naps were being taken Pippi found a nice spot to catch some Zzzzz. Right on top of my Uncle Matt, as you can see he didn’t mind.


2 thoughts on “Uncle Matt

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  1. Oh Pippi,
    looks like you found the perfect spot!! he appears to have a comfy tummy in which to snuggle in with. You look soo cute there sister!! 😉


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