O’ Christmas Tree

While all we have in the truck is a tiny little green foil Christmas tree with miniature ornaments, no I didn’t remember to take a picture of it, I still collect tree ornaments.   I have well over 200 now and there is no plan to stop.  As we cross the country I pick up a few here and there from memorable places, mostly museums.  A significant part of my collection are dated Hallmark ornaments, one every year from my mother.  Now that I am out of her house I have carried on the tradition and get one for Josh and I.  So I would like to share with you some of the ornaments that I have picked up this year.

This is from our wonderful visit to The Mark Twain House in Hartford, I grew up close to Hannibal, MO and have been his boyhood home

I would not usually get one from a place as small as the museum in Danville, IL but my parents came to our show there and saw our exhibit

This stunning gem is from the WWI Museum in Kansas City, a fantastic museum and the ornament has little parts that dangle off of it

This is Pippi’s for 2010

My pick from Hallmark was a new series call Merry Kissmas, the doors open

This was an end of season find, 2009, a Jim Shore scottie

While this one did not photograph well it is beautiful, a miniture version of the china from Monticello.  What makes this so special is that we picked it up that day before visiting Lynn and her Scottie brood

Every tree needs one of these, ours was found at US Navel Academy in Annapolis, MD

Party Time Pippi

5 thoughts on “O’ Christmas Tree

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  1. Your ornaments are lovely!! I got the Jim Shore Scottie this Christmas from a Scottie friend. And of course, I have the lovely partiers that you sent me!! Like you, I have collected ornaments for years. Now I just need to get a house with enough rooms to display them all!! LOL!!

  2. Naturally, we like the scottie ones best. Our relos in Northern VA collect the White House ornaments. You have a lovely collection.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Wow! What a beautiful collection of pictures of your ornaments! You are getting so good with the camera! I am really impressed with these shots.

    Love, Papa Tom

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